Should I Call the Pest Control Company for My Snake Problem?

Des Moines snake

Pest control companies are designed to deal with problems related to insects. Most of them have completed education on entomology, or they have gone through an apprenticeship program at the very least. They will manage and eliminate species that have been designated as ‘pests.’ Snakes are not pests; in fact, they are beneficial to our environment. They are our natural pest exterminators since they will mostly eat insects and rodents.

Are Pest Control Companies the Right People to Call During Snake Invasion?
There are different reasons why pest control companies will not help you with the snake issue. First, they are mainly proficient in matters related to insects, and the snake is a reptile. They will not understand the biology and the behavior of the animal; therefore, it will be challenging for them to determine the species, the location of the nest, and the right removal method. They do not have the experience to differentiate venomous from the non-venomous snake.

Can Pest Control Companies Use a Snake Removal Method?
Pest control companies are trained to conduct pest extermination. They do not know how to get rid of the animals humanely. Most of them will use chemicals, poisons, and toxic fumes that will kill the pets. Unfortunately, using this on wildlife creatures may be illegal. Poisons are indiscriminate killers and can eliminate non-targeted animals. Additionally, they do not have the equipment and tools necessary to restrain and capture the snake.

Does the Pest Control Company have a License in Removing Snakes?
All wildlife species are protected under the law. You cannot conduct snake removal unless you carry the necessary permit and licenses. Pest control companies are not authorized to perform snake extermination. As a homeowner, you will be exposed to legal fines and repercussions if you hire someone not certified to complete the job. Unless the presence of the snake exposes you to an immediate threat, a non-authorized person is not allowed to conduct a snake removal procedure.

Who Do I Need to Call When I Have a Snake Situation?
Snake removal experts are certified and licensed to complete a snake removal job. They are well-versed in all matters related to snakes. They know the diet, habitat, biology, and unique behavior of the snake. These people can even determine the presence of the snake by looking at some subtle signs. These professionals are armed with snake tongs, claws, snake bags, and buckets to safely capture the animal. Finally, they will mostly be in partnership with a wildlife rehabilitation facility to surrender the captured snake. The reptile will go through a series of rehabilitation procedures and eventually be released back into the wild.

During a snake infestation, the pest control company will not be able to help you. They are experienced in dealing with pest extermination and not on wildlife invasion. Therefore, if you have an unwanted visitor in your house, be sure to call the right people who will perform the job. It will not only make the process more convenient, but it will also keep you away from related hazards. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Des Moines